A century-old jewellery brand, with its unique design and its superbtechnology won the praise of the world. It leaves dye the Paris art,followed the rhythm of nature which should be the heart of a desire to fly,in the jewelry in the Pantheon, interpretation of the harmonious beauty of the light. The end of 19th century, EstelleArpels and Alfred Van Cleef hadtwo of the most famous Replica Van Cleef Albemarle Jewelry was born in 1906. Thatyear, they in France where Plaza, 22nd, established the first boutiques in the Replica Van Cleef&Arpels. Since then, Replica Van Cleef Albemarle high stick withprecious stones and materials, exquisite mosaic technology, creative designideas, the achievements of the century legend of its immortality.


Van Cleef Albemarle originates from the story of a good marriage. In 1895,the family of jewelry of the female aisiteer · Albemarle and gemstone anddiamond dealers Alfred • Van Cleef, son of the knot. In 1906, out of lovefor jewellery, the full passion of the young couple and Bao‘s brotherCharles, Zuglian, aisiteer·ya and Louis join forces, are known for theirelegant, luxurious aromatic–Plaza is famous for its opened its firstboutique, located in Fang Plaza, 22nd, which opens the Van Cleef Albemarlecentury legend of the first piece.



Since then, Van Cleef Albemarle address never changes, and gradually becomea symbol of the company. Subsequently, Van Cleef Albemarle is a matter ofnoble and famous scholars and respected all over the world, stores have beenopen all over the world‘s biggest fashion and top beach resorts. First halfof the 20th century, Van Cleef Albemarle launched a series of classicoriginal works, such as the compact handy treasure box clasp cosmetic case,metal line or set claw disappeared from precious stones hidden under Mosaiclaw, Passe-Partout million Zip necklace jewelry and zipper–inspiredinnovation.



In 1931, Van Cleef yabao international colonial Exposition in Paris tolaunch a large number of very exotic works, including the Chapeau Chinois(Chinese hat) series, and won the first prize. In 1939, Van Cleef Albemarleopened a boutique in Rockefeller Center in New York, then moved to FifthAvenue in 1942. In 1967, Van Cleef Albemarle Iran Queen Farah Diba, andspecial orders of the Royal family. In 1990, Van Cleef Albemarle works firstbecame the Los Angeles Art Museum and Washington‘s Smithsonian Museumtreasures exhibit. In 1992, the Galliera Museum in Paris Van Cleef Albemarleexhibit. In 1999, Van Cleef Albemarle was incorporated by Richemont.