Aquamarine with emeralds, and beryl, is the sky blue to green with blue sea stone varieties. Most commercial blue beryl is blue green or green gem after heat treatment and.

The colour of aquamarine is iron caused by, blue often miscellaneous to clip other color, showing dark blue, light blue, light blue, and so on a series of color. Gemologists Aquamarine according to the depth of the color is divided into 12 level, which the finest quality is No. 2, a blue water, known in Brazil as “Matt Rocha ‘, which is according to this with the crystal blue waters of the origin of the name.

The world, aquamarine origin, the tradition is the origin of Brazil, Russia, the United States, India and other places. Brazil the most famous, and not only mining history for a long time, and high yield and good quality. Before 1987, Brazil has been in control of aquamarine market. In recent years, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China has found Aquamarine mine, and gradually mining market. In the world of aquamarine market has certain influence.