CHOW Tai Fook and Bulgari brands good? CHOW Tai Fook, founded in 1929, hasbeen 86 years of history, is one of the traditional jewelry brand in China,Chow Tai Fook‘s first traditional gold jewelry started, apart from goldjewelry,, Chow Tai Fook, diamond, Platinum and other precious metals andjewelry are the product of CHOW Tai Fook. All along, Chow Tai Fook tofashion innovative products and professional friendly service, makes themost trusted consumer jewelry brand.



Bulgari, Bulgari, from Italy‘s fine jewelry brand, and France Cartier,United States Tiffany tied three jewelry brands in the world. Suo Di Leo was born in silversmith, founder of the Bulgari family, is an expert in makingsilver.



A Chinese local brand, a high-level foreign jewelry brands, both in thedevelopment process is different.

CHOW Tai Fook and Bulgari, which you

CHOW Tai Fook and Bulgari which expensive? CHOW Tai Fook‘s first 999.9 pure gold jewelry, become a model for gold color in the jewelry industry, aunique new CTF precepts, Chow Tai Fook jewellery such as necklaces andpendants, Chow Tai Fook receive Oscar gold jewelry. Zhoudafubai gold ring,of course the price is not cheap, brand products sold in addition to thevalue of there process of a brand‘s values, Chow Tai Fook, a platinum ring,is no different.

Bvlgari Rose Gold Diamond snake bracelet sells for $ 228000 Yuan, if it ismother of Pearl inlay Bulgari bracelet, sold for 88000. Blue Pearl skinsnake bracelet sells for 4120, purple–3300.

From a price perspective, Po gelibizhoudafu are more expensive, but theBulgari brand value higher.